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Experienced Financial Advisors


Working at Brown Edwards is about what is best for our clients and how to help them to have the most positive impact on their financial success. We engage our clients in relationships, which we nurture, and in turn become long term trusted advisors.

Experienced Financial Advisors


At Brown Edwards, it is part of our firm's culture to understand what we do can enable our client to be successful in their endeavors. We are dedicated to our client's well being and to helping them achieve their financial objectives.

Experienced Financial Advisors


Our seasoned professionals understand that business advisory and consulting services are most valuable when they help a client solve or avoid problems. The mission of the Brown Edwards team is to provide 5 Star service to our clients.

Professional Assurance, Tax and Advisory Services

At Brown Edwards, our professionals provide 5 star service to ensure that your organization prospers and flourishes. What we offer is peace of mind. Peace of mind that comes from working with a strong, knowledgeable accounting firm. From traditional assurance and tax services to the latest in professional business advisory and consulting services, Brown Edwards provides you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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In The News

Donating appreciated stock can offer substantial tax benefits

October 8, 2014

Are you planning to make charitable donations before year end? Do you own appreciated stock that you’d like to sell, but you’re concerned about the tax hit? Then consider donating it to charity rather than making a cash gift.

Retirement plan issues become a focus for not only businesses and retirees, but also for the IRS.

October 8, 2014

As we approach year end, retirement plan issues become a focus for not only businesses and retirees, but also for the IRS. The IRS has recently issued the guidance relating to retirement plan distributions for taxpayers who maintain both pre and after tax accounts and also reminds businesses to review their documents and plan administration. Contact your Brown Edwards tax specialist to learn more.